These rules were written by Big Woods Grass Drags Committee. The Committee has the right to makes changes in the matter of safety and fairness of competition. Race Director and Tech Director have the proper authority to enforce these rules. The Head Tech will have final say in any sled classification or technical rule infringement issue. The Race Director’s decisions are final in all other matters.


  1. All drivers are required to wear a full coverage helmet with eye protection. Safety tech vests are required for all non-stock classes. There will be 4 vests available to borrow at the race if you do not have a vest. Shin guards are encouraged. (Mini 120s - All drivers are required to wear a helmet and eye protection. Mods and Outlaw drivers require chest protector and Outlaw drivers require over ankle boot.)
  2. All drivers in Pro-stock, Outlaw and Turbo are required to wear knee/shin guards.
  3. All snowmobiles will have an operational tether. Tethers are required to be attached to individual around hand at all times whenever sled is running.
  4. All jack stands are required to have a back plate, securely attached, if used for warm-up. Tech or any official may disallow any jack stand not deemed safe.
  5. Any running/idling snowmobile must be attended at all times.
  6. Snowmobiles in pit area are to run at prudent (slow) speed so not to endanger others. Snowmobiles in pit area warming up are to be revved no more than ¼ throttle.
  7. No snowmobile shall be lifted for the purpose of cleaning out the track anywhere on the racing premises without using a proper jack stand, EVER. When provided, sleds are to be cleaned out in the designated clean out area only.
  8. Any person in starting line area will be required to wear safety eyewear.
  9. Driver must have feet on running board or foot pegs at all times when racing.
  10. Crew (limit of two in addition to the driver) may be in starting line area only when your sled is racing.
  11. Any infraction of the safety rules or other dangerous act by crew and/or driver can mean disqualification at any time during the event by the Race Director.


  1. All snowmobiles will need to pass pre-tech inspection. Once pass inspection, that snowmobile is allowed to race in its proper class.
  2. Once snowmobile has raced and makes finals it is subject to post race inspection. All sleds will be impounded until Tech inspects.
  3. If a driver suspects that another driver is “cheating” by modifying a sled after pre-tech in violation of the rules specified in the General Sled Requirements noted below, he/she can file a protest with the Head Tech only if the suspected “cheating” sled makes final run. The protesting driver must file the complaint by paying a protest of fee of $250 and state the specific violation of the rules suspected (for example – a ported cylinder. (The protesting driver may not request that a snowmobile be completely disassembled.) If “cheating” is found, the protesting driver gets his/her $250 back and the protested sled will not be disqualified from his/her class. If there is no “cheating” found, the $250 will be given to the driver of the protested sled.
  4. When a competitor has been caught cheating he will be disqualified from his/her class with no refund.


  1. Any sled moving up to the next class will be allowed to compete as it did in its own class unless it is modified between classes. If modified it must then meet the higher class’ requirements. Example: Stock sled bumped into IMP. Stock- adding modified pipe to stock sled, sled would now have to meet Improved Stock requirements.
  2. Clutch covers for Pro-Stock, Outlaw, And Stock Turbo must be separated of cowl configuration and cover down to the center of the clutch bolt or below. The clutch cover must be .90 inch of aluminum or better and it must have a full facial coverage and 360 degree elliptical coverage in the direction of the clutch or belt travel.
  3. Duel limiter straps are required in all classes, on the front arm of the rear suspension.